polkadot cam

I made another silly camera app for windows phone over the holidays. I wanted to try something that had both a “frame” and had animation over the top of the photo. I found a much better (smoother) way to allow manipulation on the photo which was what set me off in this direction. What is interesting to me about the app is that the animated polkadots make it so the illustration is never exactly the same twice, and the photo gets some subtle changes that hopefully add some interest and tie them to the illustration via the polkadot theme.

Left is the app – the placeholder photo in the app is my daughter’s much-loved 13yr old stuffed bunny (on a trip to Hawaii) and the photo in the other two images (which you can save and then share) is of my dog Elvis, he’s a 10ish year old Cardigan Corgi.


Portrait time again

Lee MannI’m starting a series of portraits again. The first is from a low resolution web photo of northwest photographer Lee Mann which I borrowed from the gallery website so I could create this for his son. I plan to print it as a single color and then shade it with watercolor this weekend. Watercolor is something I keep saying I will try with my prints and nearing the new year Its a good time to resolve to try something new.

Here is the cut block, nearly complete.

Documentary on making lead type

I recently saw this documentary on type designer Jim Rimmer. AIGA Seattle brought the filmmaker to the UW to show it. If you are into type, typefaces, typesetting – this is for you. DVDs are available and even come with a piece of type that was made in the film.


doodle face – for Windows Phone 7

I took the fun illustrations Bryan made (http://www.breadwig.com) and created a doodle app meets coloring book. In about three days (assuming no bugs, ha!) it’ll be in the marketplace. You know, for kids.

Update: It’s there now :-)
Get doodle face (Free) for Windows Phone 7




Make a face – in the Windows Phone 7 marketplace now :-)

Make a face

Make a face | zune://navigate/?phoneappid=1772fa5f-3285-466a-a570-00a0c78c104b
No Windows Phone? Get one at WindowsPhone.com!

Just released for Windows Phone 7!

Search for ‘make a face’ in the Windows Phone Marketplace – it is fabulously free of course. (windows phone link below) Featuring illustrations by the wonderfully creative & kooky Bryan Ballinger (http://breadwig.com)

make a face

I just submitted ‘make a face’ to the Windows Phone Marketplace.

This is a collaboration with Bryan (http://breadwig.com) Ballinger who created wonderfully zany illustrations for this project. <video demo coming soon>


April show at Cafe Racer in Seattle

Starting First Thursday (April 7) I’ll be showing about a dozen portraits and my phone-cam+linocut project at Cafe Racer in the University District in Seattle. The portraits are of employees and regulars and friends most of whom I met right there in the cafe, and where most if not all of the photos I based the linocuts on were taken on-site. Many of the cuts were done there, and easily half of the phone-cam project was written there while hanging out after soccer matches, or while drinking coffee after brunch or PBR & Jameson during Sunday’s Racer Sessions – aka Jazz night. Cafe Racer has been my “third place” since the day I walked in to see what the Vespa Club was all about, so its good fun to be able to have their walls for a month. :-)   –Scott.

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