I make linocuts. I love the crisp yet imperfect lines. I like exploring the details of the details of existing drawings, and I like making up my own. Look very closely at the engravings on a $1 bill – that’s cool stuff to me.

I mostly tend not to make numbered editions, but I do every so often. I once made 100 robot prints just to hit triple digits in an edition, plus the world always needs more robots. But pretty much I make prints to just for the pleasure of exploring tangents from previous prints, and the joy of the printing in and of itself. I save all of the blocks I cut and use them over and over in different ways to build ever new textures.

Currently I am exploring letterpress as well as linocut. The letterpress world is new to me, which is fun and a very nice deep tangent to run down along with the linouct work I am doing.


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