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Haiku Chicken – now with helper chicks



The first update to this Windows 8 App is in the Windows Store. It’s now nearly worthy of the price of ‘Free’ ;-). The first update features a little chick that you click to generate a line of haiku for each of the three lines. The poem lines come from an Azure database which is a pretty amazing thing to work with. Being a novice when it comes to javascript, making that work made my day for sure.

Next up possibly… some more illustration, my friend Breadwig is working on something fun for it. Possibly some audio too. And of course the interface itself other than the chick’s backflip is sitting old-school still and doesn’t slide in nicely taking advantage of the OS – that’ll come in a future release now that I have the basics working. Not the way you’d do things in the professional world – but this app is for me to keep learning javascript, not project management :-).

Chicken Haiku App

My family had chickens for a time, one was named Roosevelt. This is a photo of Roosevelt, she was a character – so thanks for giving this app a whirl and giving her a voice.

A Haiku is a type of short poem. “Chicken Haiku” isn’t anything really – but lets say it’s Haiku written by three different people, for the sake of this app at least. Chickens can’t count syllables, and are terrible at spelling, so at least you don’t have to feel bad if you don’t follow the traditional format of Haiku.

If you have comments or issues or wacky ideas for Chicken Haiku please leave a comment below.

If you stumbled across this page and did not come here from the free Windows 8 App, you can find it here.

[edit 1/20: I have an Azure Mobile database now, and am working on an update that pulls haiku from the web as well, so you can do this alone you’re just killing time and not passing a tablet with friends. So if you are bummed the app doesn’t do more, it will soon. A little tinkering to do first, but I’m close…]


“Crayon Creatures turns children’s drawings into 3D printed sculptures” – via News Bento

As a printmaker and a PC nerd, I find the coming 3D printing revolution nothing short of magical. The prices however, are still too steep for the average person at a reasonable quality level. Companies like this do make me want to jump in and get a machine, but I fear it would be replaced too soon with something cheaper and twice as good at the rate of change 3D is experiencing.

blue phoenix

blue phoenix

First linocut of 2013

What happened to 2012 ?


WP_20121226_004I took a few months of linocut cutting off this year, life happens sometimes. But I have the bug again. Just back from an amazing trip to China – I’m going to use the photos I took as source material for some new prints to get rolling again, and see where it takes me.

Here are two in progress that I will print tomorrow. The top one is from a really fun photo of a silk design that was in The Forbidden City, I’ve used two different zooms of the image and reversed the more zoomed in one. The other is a detail of a stone sculpture, and I’ve messed with the contrast and then selectively carved parts differently so I have different line weights in different areas (not faithful to the transfer shown here) to make it more visually interesting. Hopefully they’ll turn out… for Windows 8

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